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What you need to get started with The Food Corridor

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Welcome! We are so glad you and your kitchen have decided to join The Food Corridor. We invite you to start customizing your account so you can begin streamlining your kitchen management.

To assist in the implementation process, download this checklist to help you track your progress!

Steps to set up your kitchen:

  1. Create your kitchen account here.

  2. Add your kitchen's space and equipment calendars. Do this in your Kitchen Settings > Calendars tab. With automated scheduling, you no longer have to spend countless hours managing your calendar or worry about equipment not being available for your clients.

  3. Customize your other kitchen's settings. Do this in your Kitchen Settings tab. This is where you can add everything that is unique to your kitchen - billing plans, storage, cancellation policies, kitchen fees, you name it. This is also where you can take advantage of Onboarding Flows and the FLIP Integration to automate your onboarding process and assign custom checklists to potential renters as well as provide a seamless insurance process for your clients.

  4. Add your food business client accounts. If you have more than a few, The Food Corridor can add these for you (just shoot us a message and we'll send you an easy form to fill out). This will help speed up the process. Otherwise, follow these steps to add the accounts yourself, or ask your clients to create their own accounts: 

  5. Tell your clients the great news of the new platform. Here is a handy email template to send to your clients to let them know to log in to their new Food Corridor account, add their payment method, and start booking away. You can also share this link with your clients, to help walk them through using the platform.

  6. Assign the appropriate billing plans, storage, and other fees to your client's accounts. Do this in your Clients tab for each client. This will make sure all the automated invoices are just the way you want them, and make getting paid effortless. 

  7. Go live! Click the banner at the top of your account to get started with your clients. Just be sure your Stripe Connect Account is set up first.

  8. Sit back and let The Food Corridor get to work for you.

That's it! Once you're up and running we'll send you tips to help you maximize your account, so you can get the most out of the platform, saving you even more time and money.

Want a more detailed explanation of the process? This series of articles lays it all out:

Questions? We're here to help. Email, message, or call us at any time. 

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