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Why don't I have microdeposits yet?
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  • After you enter your bank account and routing number, our payment processor will either deposit two amounts under $1.00 or deposit one $0.01 amount in that account. These microdeposits should be available within 1-2 business days.

I entered my information but I still don't see any microdeposits in my bank account.

  • Sometimes this process can take longer than usual depending on your banking institution.

  • If you have not received microdeposits after several business days, reach out to The Food Corridor via the chat bubble at the bottom of your Food Corridor account.

  • If you can't find a microdeposit code in your bank statement descriptor, you can click "Send another deposit" on Stripe’s micro-deposit form. If you click "Send another deposit” on Stripe’s form, a new set of two microdeposits of varying amounts will be triggered, which should post to your account in 1–3 business days. You will be prompted to verify these amounts.

My bank account is not verified but I have an upcoming or past due bill that needs to be paid.

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