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Readying your Quickbooks Online account to integrate with TFC
Readying your Quickbooks Online account to integrate with TFC

Basic set up instructions for getting your Quickbooks Online account ready to receive exports from The Food Corridor

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The Food Corridor's Quickbooks Online integration allows you and your finance team to easily track payments from your clients in TFC with just the click of a button.

The integration with QuickBooks Online is a one-way sync. This means that The Food Corridor syncs all your clients' paid bills over to QuickBooks Online as Sales Receipts.

A few things to note:

  • You'll need a QuickBooks Online account. Small Business, Essentials, Simple Start, Plus, and Advanced plans are all supported.

  • QuickBooks Desktop is NOT supported.

  • Don't currently use QuickBooks Online? Click here to sign up!

Review your Products/Services in QuickBooks

With your integration, you will be able to set the mapping for these items to your unique QuickBooks products/services (tied to your unique Income Accounts). This will ensure the charges in each Sales Receipt land in the appropriate Income Accounts for easy tracking and accounting.

Before you select these mapping settings in The Food Corridor, make sure you have your desired Products/Services correctly added in your Quickbooks Online account:

  • Login to your QuickBooks Online

  • Go to Sales > Products and Services

  • Search your list, and make sure the ones you wish to use are the Service type and are tied to Income Accounts (even the TFC Platform Fees must be associated a product/service tied to an income account).

If you wish to create new Products/Services, watch this 20-second video, or follow the steps below.

Create a New Product/Service in QuickBooks

Navigate to Sales > Products and Services

In the Products and Services tab select New.

Select Service from the dropdown.

Name your Product/Service, and select the associated Income Account you wish to use. You can also create a new Income Account here, such as "The Food Corridor" or "Kitchen Rental." Save and Close.

Note: Even for items that have a negative amount, the product/service you wish to use must still be associated with an Income account.

Once complete, your service will be displayed in your Products and Services tab. You can add new services or edit existing services here.

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