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Connecting to your Quickbooks Online account
Connecting to your Quickbooks Online account

How to connect your account with The Food Corridor to your Quickbooks Online

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The Food Corridor's Quickbooks Online integration allows you and your finance team to easily track payments from your clients in TFC with just the click of a button.

The integration with QuickBooks Online is a one-way sync. This means that The Food Corridor syncs all your clients' paid bills over to QuickBooks Online as Sales Receipts.

To get started, log out of your QuickBooks account, and log into your Food Corridor account.

1) Navigate to Kitchen Settings > QuickBooks Online

2) Select Connect your account here

3) Review the TFC Terms & Conditions and check the box to agree. Select Connect Now.

4) You will be directed to a QuickBooks Authorization page where you will login into QuickBooks and Agree. After successfully establishing the connection with your Quickbooks Online account, you will be redirected back to The Food Corridor.

5) Select Go to Settings to begin mapping your integration settings. Or select Setup Later to save your place and continue mapping your settings later.

6) Specify how your clients' TFC charges will be mapped to your QuickBooks Online products/services by selecting from the drop downs. These products/services have been identified from your QuickBooks Online account.

  • For each charge type, select a product/service item that's tied to an income account in your QuickBooks - for example, "Kitchen Rental"or "Storage Rental". Note: make sure each product/service that you choose is associated with an income account - even for the platform fees - or the export will not work.)

  • If you need to create a new product/service and/or income account in your QuickBooks, follow these steps.

  • If you make a change in QuickBooks, you can Reload QB Data at the top, to pull in your changes.

If you do not wish to map TFC charge types, leave the first option selected.

7) Specify how your clients' refunds will be mapped in Quickbooks:
- Refunds Item - This will be the product/service item in your QuickBooks that you want tied to refunds.

- Refund Accounts - This will be the bank account that you have connected to your Stripe account, where client refunds are given from.

​8) Select Save.

Proceed to Export Now! Or you can select Export Later to come back to this step at a later time.

If you received a message that there was a problem saving your settings, select Try Again to review your settings and give it another go.

8) Run your export! You can also export clients' bills any time from your Reporting tab by clicking Export Payments to My QuickBooks Online.

9) Select the dates you wish to include in your Export and click Begin Export.

An export can take up to a few minutes. An email notification will be sent to account admins when the export is complete. You can also click Preview My Exports to check the status ("in progress" or "finished").

10) When the Export is finished, you can view your exported Sales Receipts in QuickBooks by going to Sales > All Sales! You can also view the bills included in the Export in The Food Corridor under your Reporting tab > QuickBooks Exported Payments.

Note: Only bills that are fully paid will be exported. If there is a partial payment recorded on a bill, it will not be included in the export until the bill is fully paid/completed.

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