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Interpreting Refund Receipts
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When you integrate with QuickBooks Online and run an export in The Food Corridor, any refunds on clients' bills will be created in QuickBooks as Refund Receipts.

Each Refund Receipt includes:

  • TFC bill number as the Refund Receipt number

  • Your mapped product/service item for refunds

  • Your mapped account from which refunds are pulled

  • Refund date and amount refunded to the client

  • Refund details in the memo, including client name and refund id

  • "TFC Customer" as the QB Customer

See below for detail on each of these fields.


The total amount is the amount you refunded to your client. This is the amount that was pulled from your account, and given to your client in full.


All exported Refund Receipts are attached to TFC Customer in QuickBooks. The Food Corridor will create this customer upon your first export - no need to create it yourself in QuickBooks.


Refund Receipt date

This is the date the bill was refunded. This date correlates with the Billed At date on your Billed Line Items report and on your clients' statements.

Refunded From Account

This is the asset account in your QuickBooks from which refunds are given to clients. This will likely be the bank account that you have connected to your Stripe account, and is selected in your Mapping Settings in TFC under Kitchen Settings > QuickBooks Online.


This is the product/service item in your QuickBooks that you want tied to refunds. Product/service items pull from your Mapping Settings you selected in TFC under Kitchen Settings > QuickBooks Online.


This will always say "Refunded on [date of the refund]".

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