See below for the fine print on what goes where in your QuickBooks exports, including:

  • Partial payments

  • Refunds

  • Pending ACH payments

  • Choosing the same export dates

  • Products/Services in QB

  • Connecting your QB account

  • Sales Receipts

How are partial payments handled?

Only bills that are fully paid or completed will be included in the export. This means if there is a partial payment recorded on a client's bill, the partial payment will not be included in the export until the bill is fully paid/completed.

Once the bill is paid/completed and exported to QuickBooks, the bill's Sales Receipt date will be the final payment date (or the date that completed the bill). You will see a line item for each payment's platform fee, as well as the payment information for each partial payment in the Message displayed on statement box.

It is done this way in order to not update your past Sales Receipts or accounting records in your QuickBooks. For additional details and tracking of partial payments made by clients, refer to your Payment Details report in The Food Corridor.

How are refunds handled?

If The Food Corridor Gnomes issue a refund on your client's bill for you in Stripe before you export that bill to QuickBooks, the refund will be displayed as 2 line items in the QB Sales Receipt: the refunded amount as a negative (amount refunded from your Stripe account) and the platform fee as a positive (platform fee refunded to your Stripe account).

If you have exported a bill to QuickBooks, and then request a refund on that bill, the Sales Receipt will not be updated to reflect the refund. Once a bill is exported to your QuickBooks, The Food Corridor does not have access to your account to make any adjustments to those Sales Receipts.

Why are some of my clients' ACH payments not exported?

Pending ACH payments will not be exported until they are completed/no longer pending in Stripe. This is to prevent the possibility of inaccurately exporting an ACH payment that may fail. We wouldn't want you to have a failed payment in your QuickBooks Sales Receipt records!

Pending ACH payments show under the client's Statement in TFC with a tooltip stating "Payment pending in Stripe".

What if I choose the same dates for an export?

Totally fine! Duplicate bills won't be exported even if you choose the same dates for an export, or if you export multiple times in the same day.

How do I add Products/Services in QuickBooks?

Follow these steps

How do I connect my QuickBooks account to my Food Corridor account?

Follow these steps

What information is included in the exported Sales Receipt?

Interpreting a sales receipt

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