Why should I add documents?

A benefit of The Food Corridor platform is the document tracking system. You can add Expiration Dates to any Client Document and let the platform send you and your client notifications before they expire. 

The built in notifications are sent to both the Kitchen Admin and the client 45 days, 14 days, and 3 days before the document is set to expire.

You can upload as many documents as you'd like - there is no limit.

*While adding documents during your kitchen account set-up is helpful, you can also add these after your kitchen is onboarded.

Two categories of Documents can be uploaded and stored on the platform:

Client documents 

Client docs are documents specific to your food business client. Currently the top 3 are set as: 

  1. Business license

  2. Insurance

  3. Food Handler

You can customize and rename the top 3 documents in your Account Settings. Just go to Kitchen Settings > General> Documents > and click the edit pencil.

Membership or "shared" documents (certificates, licenses, contracts) can also be uploaded to a client's account. 

Kitchen documents

Kitchen docs are uploaded by the Kitchen Administrator and are documents associated with kitchen policies and procedures. Kitchen Documents are documents you want all of your client to have access to and can include logos, price sheets, contact lists, cleaning schedules and procedures, kitchen maps, equipment usage instruction, blank contacts, signed contracts, and policy & procedure manuals. 

The Kitchen Administrator has the option of changing the visibility of a document from public, private, or only associated with kitchen clients.

How to add Documents

To add Kitchen Documents 

Go to your Documents tab > Add kitchen documents > New Document. Add the document’s title, upload the document, add a note, and determine the visibility. 

There are 3 different settings for the visibility of your Kitchen Docs:

  1. Public: documents are visible to any member of The Food Corridor on your Kitchen Listing Page

  2. Private: documents are visible to you as a Kitchen Administrator

  3. Visible to all clients: documents will be visible to any food business that is an active client

To add Client Documents

Both the Client and the Kitchen Administrator are able to upload client docs - this is up to you. 

If you choose to upload them, go to your Documents tab >  View All > Edit icon (or Add Document at the bottom). Upload the document(s) and enter the expiration date. Click Save. 

*This screen can also be accessed via the Clients tab > client name > Documents.

Note: Your client contracts/leases should be uploaded under Client Documents as a "Shared Document."

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