There are a handful of umbrella kitchens settings to set up under Kitchen Settings > General.

Date of Billing. The date of billing is the day of the month your clients will be billed to the payment method they have on file - either the 5th or 15th of the month. This is the date that any monthly charges will be billed to your clients (i.e. billing plan amount, overage hours, monthly fees, and storage). If you need to change your billing date, please contact The Food Corridor directly. This is to prevent invoice disruptions and/or lost payments from your clients.

Platform Fees. The Food Corridor charges platform fees based on your client bills in order to cover ongoing costs of running the software, including credit card processing fees. See more on what platform fees cover, here.

You can choose to internalize the platform fees (the kitchen pays) or externalize them to your clients (food business pays). All charges generated are subject to a 2% platform fee. However, if the food business pays by credit card, the fee is 4%.

Accepted Payment Types. Choose which type(s) of payments you will allow your clients to pay you with. For any clients who wish to pay you by cash or check, you can set them to manual payment processing, which is a client setting. 

Payment Failed Notification. We send automatic emails to clients when their payment fails. If you would also like to be notified, enter your email address here. See more on what happens when a payment fails.

Kitchen Logo. Upload your kitchen logo to customize bills to your clients.

Cancellation Policy. You can set a booking cancellation policy that applies to all clients who book time on your Space Calendars. If a client cancels during the cancellation period (hours before their scheduled booking), the cancellation fee is applied to the client and billed to the client’s payment method within 24 hours. 

The fee can be a % of the time booked on the space calendar or a flat rate. Once you set the cancellation policy, it will run automatically and apply to all calendars. Leave on "No" if you do not have a cancellation policy.

Taxes. The Food Corridor can add a tax rate to your invoices for you automatically. The kitchen is responsible for remitting the tax amount to the appropriate government authority. Leave at 0 if you don't collect taxes through The Food Corridor.

Scheduling Settings. Under Kitchen Settings > Calendars. The Food Corridor allows you to set your calendar times to run on 30-minute increments (½ hour) or 60-minute (1 hour) increments. This setting is applied to all of your space calendars. Half hour increments will be charged ½ of the set hourly price.

You can also prevent last minute bookings, set a booking buffer, and limit booking creations too far into the future

Client Notifications. The Food Corridor automatically sends notifications to you and your clients, so you don't have to worry about a thing. While we recommend that you keep all boxes checked, you can uncheck any notification type that you don't want sent to your clients.

Account Settings. Set and access your Account Settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top right. This is where you can update or add email addresses, change your password, update your payment method, and add your profile information.

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