What is the function of each tab?

Each tab uniquely helps you manage your kitchen more efficiently.

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Log In

Go to app.thefoodcorridor.com. In the top right-hand corner, click “Log in.”

Scheduling Tab

Submitted Bookings lists bookings that have been submitted by your active food business clients, who are requesting time on your space calendars. Approve or Decline these bookings, send the Client a message, or view the request on your calendar.

The "Show Calendars" dropdown is where you can view your space and reservable equipment calendars by selecting the calendars you want to see.

Need to create a booking for your kitchen or your client? You can do so here. Click 'Create New Booking' or click on the calendar to create a booking.

The "Equipment calendar" will take you to the equipment calendars you created to view anything that has been reserved by your clients.

The Daily View shows you all the spaces and equipment that have been booked on any given day.

Clients Tab

The Clients Tab lists the clients associated with your kitchen and is the place where you manage your food business clients. You can choose to see 'inactive' clients by checking the "Show Inactive" box. You can also invite a client to join your kitchen by selecting that option to copy the link and send it to a prospect. Finally, you can manage when clients sign in/out of your kitchen with 'Manage Sign-In.'

The Prospects Tab lists prospective clients who are interested in joining your kitchen or those you sent the link to become a client. You can communicate with Prospects via the platform, have them go through your kitchen application process, and then Approve (make active) them as a client. You can also utilize Onboarding Flows to create a seamless onboarding process for turning your prospects into kitchen-ready clients with custom checklists and automated notifications.

Note: You can’t add plans or fees to a Prospect. If you approve a booking from a Prospect, they will automatically become active.

Clients are clients you have Approved to join your kitchen.

Clients Tab functions:

  • General. Allows you to edit each section. Assign the client to a billing plan, select their booking approval setting, add optional Custom Report Fields, set their payment processing (auto or manual), add custom report fields, give your client a nudge to update their payment method on file, and keep track of your clients with Client Notes.

  • Statement. See a client's pending daily charges, pending monthly charges (starting the 1st of the month), due or past-due charges, failed charges, and paid charges. You can also see their past Statements. 

  • Fees/Credits. Add a one-time fee (e.g. cleaning) or monthly recurring fee (e.g. membership fee) to their account. You can also add one-time or recurring credits to their accounts, to offset a future charge.

  • Storage. Assign units of storage to your clients. These fees are active each month and applied to your client's monthly bills until removed by you.

  • Monthly Charges. Shows you all the recurring charges that have been assigned to your client.

  • Documents. Add or access their business license, food handler card, insurance, and any other documents you require, along with expiration dates. You can also add or access any other shared docs that are viewable by you and that client only.

  • Bookings. See a client's current and past bookings for any given month.

  • Send Message. You can send direct messages to your Clients from here.

Documents Tab

Add and organize your Kitchen Documents that can be shared or private just to the kitchen staff. You can reorder the documents on the left-hand side by grabbing the three lines to move up and down.

Client Summary shows all the documents associated with your clients. Send reminders when a document is expired by hovering over the expired document and ensuring that your clients are compliant with updated licenses and permits.

You can view clients by Not Uploaded, Expired Documents, and Expiring Soon to manage them with ease.

You can also integrate FLIP with your insurance requirements. This allows your clients to apply for liability insurance with FLIP, directly from The Food Corridor. FLIP then automatically syncs your client’s policy with the required insurance document in their account. The integration ensures accurate compliance and an easy application process for your clients. For more information, check out What is FLIP and How Does it Work?

Documents Settings will allow you to add/edit/delete required documents and also "Disallow booking until a client's required documents are current" if turned on.

Billing Tab

The Billing Tab lists all payment info including pending monthly bills (starting the 1st of the month), pending daily bills, outstanding balances, client overage, and past kitchen statements. You can also connect to your Stripe Dashboard from here. Click "View Stripe Dashboard" to go into your Stripe Connect account.

Reporting Tab

Your Reporting Dashboard will show you a snapshot of the activity in your kitchen. You will be able to view and download reports for payments, bookings, storage, clients, pulse, and sign-in. If you have QuickBooks Online integrated with The Food Corridor, you will be able to export payments here.

Kitchen Settings Tab

Here is where you can access, update, and add the customizations for your kitchen:

  • Calendars. Add your space and equipment calendars, and set your scheduling settings, such as booking increments and when you want bookings to be created.

  • Onboarding. You can also utilize Onboarding Flows to create a seamless onboarding process for turning your prospects into kitchen-ready clients with custom checklists and automated notifications.

  • Plans. Add and edit as many billing plans as you want. You can make them standardized or customize them per client.

  • Storage. Add and edit your storage inventory to assign to clients in your kitchen.

  • Standard Fees/Credits. Create any one-time or monthly fees or credits that you may regularly charge or apply to clients using your kitchen. 

  • Documents. Add and edit required documents, and drag and drop to re-order your documents for organization and prioritization. Enforce document compliance with the ability to disallow bookings until the required documents are current.

  • General. View billing client information, create and update your cancellation policy, enter a tax rate (if applicable), check off client notifications, and link to your QuickBooks Online account. If you need to change your billing date or platform fee processing, please contact us.

Gear Icon

Here is where you can easily view and update your account settings, find resources to support your kitchen and your food business clients, locate helpful articles in our Help Center, contact The Food Corridor, and log out of your account.

Account Settings

  • Kitchen Info. Add your kitchen logo, name, phone, and address.

  • My Account. Update your email address, add additional email addresses, and change the account password.

  • Notification. Update your notification settings to receive notifications from the system via email or text message by updating your phone number or email address. Notifications are sent when a client sends you a message, requests to book time on your calendar, or cancels a booking. You can also opt in or out of receiving messages from The Food Corridor (not recommended).

  • Payment method. Update your kitchen's payment on file to pay for The Food Corridor.

From the resources link, you can access the Network for Incubator and Commissary Kitchen (The NICK) Facebook group and a curated list of online resources.

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