All monthly bills are generated automatically by The Food Corridor. They are made available to the Kitchen Administrator and clients in their ‘Billing’ tab. For Kitchen Administrators, monthly bills are also available for review directly from the Client's Statement under the 'Clients' tab. 

The monthly bill includes: 

  • The monthly Billing Plan 

  • Overage hours from the previous month, per the Billing Plan's settings

  • Equipment booked the previous month (for clients not on Hourly billing)

  • Storage 

  • Recurring Fees

Monthly bills are generated on the 1st of the month in the morning for the Kitchen Administrator. A notification is sent to the Kitchen Administrator to review and make any needed changes. The pending monthly bills can be found under the Billing Tab as well in the Client Statement under the Clients tab. The Kitchen Administrator has until the 3rd review these monthly bills before they are sent to the client for review. 

On the 3rd of the month in the afternoon, the monthly bills are sent to the client's Billing tab and a notification is sent. The client has until the kitchen's monthly billing date to review and report any discrepancies to the Kitchen Administrator before the amount due is charged. 

On the 5th or 15th of the month (the kitchen's billing date), monthly bills are automatically charged to the client's payment method on file.

See more detail here.

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