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How can I make changes to a client's bill?
How can I make changes to a client's bill?

How to modify a pending or outstanding bill and edit a bill's due date.

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You can make one-time changes to your clients' bills as long as the bill has not been paid. These changes can be in the form of adding a one-time fee or credit or changing the due date of a bill.ย 

Changes to bills should not be used in place of assigning standard credits and fees to clients. They are meant for one-time changes.

Adjust the bill

To make an Adjustment to a pending or outstanding bill, go to:ย 

  • Billing tab > Client Profile > Add Adjustment to the outstanding bill (or Add Fee/Credit on a pending bill)

Note: Platform fees will be recalculated based on the new bill total, after you add a credit or fee adjustment. Your credit or fee amount should be based on the total before platform fees are added.

Change the bill due date

If you want to postpone collecting a payment from a client, you can change the bill due date by going to:

  • Billing tab > Client Profile > Change Billing Date on the appropriate pending bill

What if the bill has been paid?

If the bill has already been paid, you can either issue a credit to their account to be applied to future charges or request a refund on the statement. Read more here.

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