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Why should I connect with my QuickBooks Online account?
Why should I connect with my QuickBooks Online account?
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The Food Corridor's Quickbooks Online integration allows you and your finance team to easily export clients' payments in TFC to QuickBooks with just the click of a button.

A few of the benefits to you:

  • Easy reconciliation with the deposits in your bank account

  • Avoid manual journal entries which can lead to mistakes in QuickBooks

  • Map charges to your unique products/services and income accounts

  • Have your income go to the right account every time, for easy bookkeeping

  • Export at your convenience – every day, every month, every quarter – up to you!

  • Run an unlimited number of exports

Integrating The Food Corridor and QuickBooks Online automatically gives you up-to-date accounting records in your QuickBooks - no manual entry required! Whenever payment activity changes in The Food Corridor, simply export your clients’ paid bills, and the Sales Receipts automatically get created in QuickBooks with your unique mapping settings.

Easy Exports

The integration with QuickBooks Online is a one-way sync. This means that The Food Corridor syncs all your clients' paid bills over to QuickBooks Online as Sales Receipts.

You will be able to export data on all of your clients' fully paid bills. This includes all billable items in TFC, such as:

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Storage Rentals

  • Monthly and One Time Fees/Credits

  • Monthly & Hourly Billing Plans

  • Cancellation Fees

  • and TFC Platform Fees

Customizable Settings

You will be able to set the mapping for these charges to your unique QuickBooks products/services (tied to your unique Income Accounts). For example, "Kitchen Rental", "Storage Rental", etc.

Customized Sales Receipts

When you export, each paid client bill will have its own Sales Receipt in your QuickBooks, deposited to Undeposited Funds. Each Sales Receipt will include the TFC bill number, the payment id in Stripe (or manual payment method), your unique products/services, the charge information less the TFC platform fee (if applicable), the payment information including the client name, and the Stripe link (if applicable). The QuickBooks customer will be "TFC Customer".

The total amount will be the same as the Stripe deposit (or manual deposit) for that payment, allowing for easy reconciliation.

See here for more information on how the bill information shows up on each Sales Receipt.

Ready to Get Started?

Specific questions?

Check out our QuickBooks FAQs

Not using QuickBooks Online right now?

No problem! If you decide you want to work with QuickBooks Online somewhere down the road, you can keep using The Food Corridor and seamlessly integrate your accounts when the time comes.

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